Squeezy Energy Fruit Gums – Just Arrived!!!

Squeezy Energy Fruit Gums – Just Arrived!!!

Fruit Gum for athletes

We understand that energy gels are not for everyone so we created Energy Fruit Gums, an ideal alternative to conventional Energy Gels. The 50 g sachet provides athletes with 36 g of carbohydrates. This corresponds to 1 – 2 sachets of Energy Gels.


Why Energy Fruit Gum?

  • perfect alternative to energy gels due to the easy handling and comfortable usage
  • single fruit gums can be consumed constantly one after another, which leads to a continuous energy support during sports
  • carbohydrates are absorbed when chewing the fruit gums
  • fruit flavour and not too sweet

What does the Energy Fruit Gum contain?

  • high value carbohydrates, primarily maltodextrin
  • minerals as sodium and potassium

What does the Energy Fruit Gum not contain? (advice for vegans and athletes with food intolerances)

  • free of lactose
  • free of gluten
  • free of artificial sweeteners and colourings


maltodextrin, water, glucose syrup, gelatine, fructose, acidifier: lactic acid; fruit concentrates and plant extracts (black currant, carott, curcuma), aroma, sodium lactate, potassium lactate, vegetable oil, release agent: bees- and carnauba wax

Nutritional values

Nutritional values per 50 g (1 sachet) 100 g
Energy 698 kJ (165 kcal) 1,396 kJ (329 kcal)
– of this saturated fatty acids
0.08 g
0.08 g
0.15 g
0.15 g
– of the sugar
36 g
9.0 g
72 g
18 g
Proteins 4.2 g 8.4 g
Salt 0.13 g 0.25 g